Friday, May 15, 2009

smoking OK, but durian not allowed

I am in Penang, Malaysia now. My favorite durian in the world here. I just had a feast of "Ang Hair" (red prawn), "Horlor", "SO", and some other delicacies. "Ang Hair" is 16ringit per kilo ($5/kilo) now! Preseason prices, but worth it. I have had 'Ang Hair' dreams numerous times since leaving Penang in August of 08. I am back! Wow I feel sooooo amazing after the durian experience on 'Mccallister road' in Georgetown, Penang. EAting around several other Asian durian lovers feels so connecting. I planned to be finished after one hour session of eating slowly, but I was wrong. I brought about 5 more durian with me to share with the workers at my Hotel Noble, and low and behold what happened? I stopped 30minutes latter to 'wedge' some more of the best durian in the world in my stomach (dont worry, i saved some to share with the workers, ehhehe).

I was sitting on the steps next to an internet cafe in this city and the security guard guy said no eating here. I notice behind him some people smoking away on some toxic poisenous cigarettes, that is perfectly fine, get me out of the city BS please.

If you are in Padang, Sumatra at the Airport and want a durian fix quickly. hire a taxi and head in the direction of Bukitingii for 10-15 minutes and you will be happy to find some durian sellers on the right hand side of the road! What a savour.

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Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Darrick,
yeah.. I know those Jalan Mccalister durian well.. mmm..

we truly live in a crazy world where killing yourself slowly is promoted far above eating healthily..

Good luck with your progress, and hope to see you on my list of interviews with fruitarians page soon..