Monday, July 20, 2009

livin life in SE Asia, Ko PhanGan

Im in sort of nice routine here in Thailand. LIving in a beach front two story home with Freelea, Harley, and NIck. We have a kitchen that has refrigerator and blender, so we are making some smoothies with bananas and mangos. Living with some close friends feels amazing. Sharing durian, bananas, mangos, rambutan, dragon fruits, Lamlai, salads etc... is so connecting. Freelea and Nick and I are doing a yoga school daily called 'Agama' at Ananda yoga place.
Short Morning runs on the wide open low tide beach to get the blood pumping.
Naps in the hammocks.
We ordered 40coconuts to be delivered to our house today, we drink about 10 each per day...very sweet.
Bananas are easy to access.....two sweet and tasty varieties we like especially.
The yoga school has a restaurant outside, beach front...we hang out there and meet wonderful conscious people.
Yesterday Harley and I spoke to two nice Canadian Girls for one hour about Raw Vegan lifestyle. They seemed very excited to try vegan. They are changing there lifes very much on their 5month traveling journey.
The place we have is 3 bedroom, balcony, 2 bathroom, ocean front, nice grassy area to eat, next to other traditional Thai families with kids and babies smiling at us and sampling our fruits, nude bathing sundeck, 4000 BAHT/ Week ($120).
WE met HOlly the other day, a girl living here that loves to eat fruit.

I am feeling so great. I am loving to connect and be around some friends. I make time to be alone and meditate and rest in nature, then I find myself excited to 'reconnect' with Harley, Freelea and Nick.

We invite any other people on the Raw Vegan path to come stay one week free with us and see how they feel eating all Raw Fruits and some Veggies.

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Steve on 30bad said...

how long will you be there? I am seriously considering taking you up on your offer. Thanks for all the great stuff in this ongoing blog. I check it everyday hoping for more motivation and inspiration.