Sunday, July 26, 2009

random Thai fun and pics..

some random photos....
The big fruit is JackFruit..I saw this at the world durian festival in Chanthiburi..
How beautiful is that horse picture? feels so calming to see this and remember being there.

see that photo of the big sick pig below, very diseased looking and waiting for slaughter, my heart went out to this big guy (just say NO to Bacon).

Nick, Freelea, and I woke early for a nice 20minute Jog, 20minutes swim, 20minute jog. What an amazing way to start the day. Barefoot running on the rocks, road, beach gives us a natural foot massage. We did some light yoga and meditation afterwards back at our house we are renting. We now have Rich and Choi here too! So we have 6 people here at the Raw house....We are thinking about "Raw World", instead of Real World, hehhehhe. Hoplefully DAN and Sunnie will come over and join and any other people interested.

I ate some luscious dragon fruits, some mangosteens, some bananas and some durian yesterday. I tasted one durian that was very 'carmely' in taste similar to "Pomonee" variety, yellow flesh.

Harley and I did a nice run/hike up the tallest mountain on this island, it takes most people 2hours, Harley did it in 50minutes, I got lost. We met an organic fruit farmer and she now delivers me durian. She had monthong, Chanee, and Durian 'ban'.

I am enjoying the massages here in Thailand ($7)....very healing and relaxing...they stretch my whole body out too.

I sure feel great when I spend time around young children. OUr neighbors have 2year old twin girls. I love to give them some fruit and watch them devour it...They love durian too.



mroslij said...

how skinny you are darrick

Anonymous said...

You seem to be a lot leaner than other raw vegans/fruitarians I've seen. Why do you think that is?