Thursday, July 9, 2009

we need people

As much as I am a loner and love to be on my own, I am realizing how great I feel around close friends. Being with other humans especially with similar goals in life is so powerful. I am finding myself losing track of time amongst others which is more rare when I am alone. Spending time in nature with my friends is showing me how much I need to be around people. How often is the correct balance for me is something I am learning.

One of my friends from Australia is here, Nick. Nick is very disciplined on waking each morning and practicing yoga, mediation, and relaxation. He comes down near my campsite on the river and enjoys the jungle environment as he practices. Today I came upon him as he was finishing and his vibe was so peaceful, mature, comfortable, happy. This at first threatened my ego i noticed. Upon futher reflection, I noticed i was in admiration of his ability to be such a loving person with a controlled ego.

Harley joined up with Nick and I and contributed some powerful reminders on health and success on a low fat raw vegan diet. Teaching us again the importance in adequate intake of juicy fruits to satiate the mind, body, and soul. Harley claims one key to his success of nearly 3 years low fat diet of raw fruits and veggies has been eating enough daily. We discussed how eating an abundance of durian can contribute to gaining weight much more than juicy fruits. One way to balance this out is to eat a more nice juicy fruit meals in the daytime, leaving less room in the tummy for durian. This has worked well for me in the past, and I plan to practice this more often.

I believe that people on a cooked vegan diet can use the above wisdom to their advantage as well. If they choose to maintain and/or lose weight they could eat more juicy fruits in the day, eat more salads in the day, and have one meal with their favorite cooked vegan food along with a big salad. I remember this worked well for me to stay very lean. I remember looking extra forward to the evening meal and knowing I had earned it. I remember feeling yucky starting out my day with heavier foods: oatmeal, pancakes, breads, pastas, cereals...etc. I found that saving a heavier meal for my last worked the best for mind and body and peace.

We have a couple girls here too...Freelea, Sunnie, and Choi..I feel it is so important to be around the feminine energy. I am grateful to be around such a nice balance of males and females and different personalities to share, learn and grow.

"Where attention goes, energy flows, and Results Show".

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