Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do you contribute consciously or unconsiously?

I noticed today that I am very conscious of my contribution. I ask myself a few times per day whether I have shared fruit with enough people. sometimes I share so much fruit each day that I would probably run short of money too soon.
Today I gave the local boys a Very Ripe Marang in my refrigerator. They were sooo grateful as they seem to be each day I share with them. I wanted to keep this Marang as it would be nice a chilled for tomorrow's breakfast, but I knew I had not shared enough fruit today. It feels better to give anyways, but I need to remember this each day when I want to keep for myself.
I hope that one day I will give unconsciously all day long in many ways. I do live on a monthly budget of about $1000 and this includes the fruit I give away. I could easily give much more away and be overbudget....but maybe I should do this anyway and see what happens...maybe nature will provide me when I have no money left to live....this sounds too scary for me now, but I must keep an open mind. Many wonderful people lived their lives this way...I believe Mother Theresa is an example, anymore?

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Balazs said...

Keep it up!
I am sure that there will be someone who will share a fruit or two with you in the time of need.
You are doing right.
Maybe those kids will share their next fruit with someone else, just because you showed them a good example. Just imagine a world where everybody shares his fruit with someone else? would not it be a wonderful world? :)
It would be, and everything comes down for the first piece of fruit you had shared with those people.