Monday, November 10, 2008

another day in 9 barrels

Incredible pleasurable days here on Siargao Island. I seem to have adapted to a 'routine' or 'daily grind' so to speak...........
--wake up
--surf 85degree perfect glassy barreling waves at sunrise
--eat some fruit: juicy Pineapples, papayas, coconuts, bananas lately
--use internet
--enjoy some relaxing time in the hammock, reading or just dazing
--drink some coconut waters (have a local Philippino boy climb the trees and chop me down some fresh ones for 30cents each plus tip)
--nap and/or massage
--eat some fruit
--surfing evening beautiful sunset session
--drink coconut water and feast on Durian
--sleep by 8pm

Yup, my daily schedule is entirely focussed on pleasure seeking which is wonderful but lacks much contribution. I am quite separated from the local culture here at this surfing resort, and I am noticing I am craving some culture shocking soon and to be around the local villages more.
I am sharing fruit daily with other travelors that call me a "fruit Bat"...many people notice I am eating fruit and nothing else and seem to be very curious about this.
One Nice German girl said, "that was so delicous, papayas are my favorite fruit, I could eat 10 of those!" after she ate some.
And I said,
"but you don't because your tummy is too full of rice and other foods. You ought to try eating all of the papayas you care for sometime and see how you feel."

I have noticed how much cleaner I am feeling with my 100%raw fruit diet (fruit does include tomatos, cucumbers, eggplant, zuchinis....although I am only eating juicy sweet fruits lately).
There are plenty variety of cooked vegan foods available at this resort, and it looks temptin at times. I really want to continue to enjoy the pure, raw, ripe, organic way of eating for as long as I easy, fun, nourishing, hydrating, natural, Proven to be Best for health, animals and the environment.

Yesterdays meal was mainly durian because we got a delivery of 24 kilos (approx. 30lbs) fun to see a big box of durian arrive!

I sent my Nephew, Josson 20 Pomegranates by "New Seasons" delivery in Portland...he loves this fruit feels soo great to send him something nutritious that he loves...
Dad!! I really loved speaking to you on Skype for your birthday...sorry the nice to hear you and mom are well traveling the USA..we are all more proud than ever to be American with OBAMA in office soon too!

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