Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lanuza may be home

I am enjoying this place very much...there is a surfing festival here Nov18-23rd. Many people come to watch surfing, live bands, entertainment, eat food, shop at the local vendors and artists. Last night I went to the opening ceremony and dinner. a very nice presentation and production. many children were doing skits and entertainment on stage. The Mayor was doing some dancing too! Everybody ate a large buffet of Rice, Pigs, Cows, and Fish (very little veggies)...I walked around the dinning hall with my "Friend not Food" Tshirt which displays this wonderful message on front and backside. The Philippinos seem to enjoy displaying a roasted pig head on the Buffet table. IT is scary and sad looking to me to see a large dead roasted pig head and body on the table. I feel that our culture doesnt do this much at all, and if we did we would have more converted vegetarians most likely. Maybe its best to do this, even better would be a restaurant that boasts to have the freshest pigs in the world on your plate. We could show up, and go pick out a live pig in the backyard, slit its throat ourselves, then either gut it or delegate this to the minorityworkers to do and prepare for the chefs in the kitchens to roast for us to eat. The restaurant could claim, "Eat Fresh Pig here from alive to dead and in your mouth in 30minutes or less or your meal is free!!"....
Where was I??

OH, back to my easy life purpose of wearing a friendly tshirt around surfing villages and share with people that pigs have central nervous systems and feel pain too.


DG said...

I am salivating just looking at those durians right now! Is there a durian season there, or do they grow year round?

Thinking about doing some world traveling/surfing myself, what have been your favorite spots? If you could start again, where would you go first?

Thanks bro!

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

The season is typically September October ...but this year is stretching further....(you can find them year round here in DAVAO).
I am loving Philippines....i would come here first for sure if I started over...surf, english speaking, girls, durian, amazing fruits, chilled out culture, not too much religious influence..mainly catholic/christian...
come join!