Thursday, November 20, 2008

pictures of me with some pretty filippinas

Lanuza is beginning to have many more tourists coming for the surfing festival.
These 3 girls are staying at my guesthouse here in Lanuza. There will be a Bikini contest here Friday and one of these three may be the winner.
My Australian Durian friend Mike and I were eating some durian and shared with them. The Tall one, JUDY, loves it. Mary also enjoys it. Gisele is the one that prefers Mangos, so I suprised here with some on our trip to the Waterfall today...I brought sliced and chilled watermelon for Mary too.

Today I slept in (10hours total).
stretched and jogged 10minutes
surfed 90minutes on a fun head high beach break alone (no crowds)

I made a banana smoothie with 3bigred bananas and one big frozen yellow banana and some water. I enjoyed eating some durian with my banana smoothie. The durian was a bit underripe, so chunky and chewy at times...the smoothie made a nice combination and my belly felt good through digestion as well.

I have been enjoying only fruit for about 25days straight now...cleaner than ever...very energetic, hydrated, happy, peaceful, one with nature. Occasional sadness and lonliness at times but only 15% of my overall time. If someone has found excstatic happiness 100% of the time please comment your secret.

playing with youtube has been a fun thing to do with part of my day....i love it ..I posted some videos there VEGANTRAVELOR to find them.


Gary said...

"I have been enjoying only fruit for about 25days straight now"

i could tell as soon as i saw your eyes in the original-size version of that first pic man

there's just no fakin' that raw low-fat glow

eCCMCL Portal said...

Welcome to CarCanMadCarLan..keep it up dude! enjoy your stay here, we have a lot more to offer not just in Lanuza..MABIBO DIRI DABO GWAPA!