Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Davao City, Philippines; runnin with the boys

I have been in this city of approx. 2million for about one week now. If I wasn't hooked on Durian I would have left after one day. I do love to be around lots of people and activity and I feel i can really see a culture in a city with so much going on, but the pollution is intense. I must move on to nature. I did find a park with a hotel nearby and massive durian outside the hotel. IN the mornings I have been jogging at the park and have developed quite a following of little boys. Yesterday there were about 15 hangin with me, jogging, excercising, playing tag, stretching, following me around, modeling me (shirts and shoes Off)...after hour daily routine yesterday i had one guy go purchase some Fruit for us, Marangs and Durians...this was INTENSE for me to handle 15boys (6-12years) trying to eat the fruit and fighting for position after i explained them to 'line up' and I would distribute the fair amounts, otherwise the younger kids would get nothing....truly survival of the fitest!!! And Fruit is such a luxury here, especially Durian...they go 'NUTS' for it...its soo funny to watch....I did the best I could at keeping some order, but they dont speak english so it was challenging. Many older people enjoying the park are smiling and interested at this situation of seeing one white man with soo many kids around him..I havent seen another white person for several days here..Philippines has a reputation of being dangerous I guess. There is some danger here for sure in some surrounding cities, some war and kidnappings going on.

Yesterday Meals:
11am 2bananas, 1cup of marang, 1cup of durian =500calories
3pm durian! 5ups =about 2000calories
9pm durian! 2cups=about 800calories
(i was trying so hard to go to bed early without eatin more durian because i wasnt hungry, but i kept smelling my fingers and it is directly outside my hotel, so like a drug addict i went for it!)

Yesterday exercise:
Running 30minutes
playing with kids in park 1hour

I have been enjoying RAW fruits for one week now...no Cooked foods...i feel amazing now....With Durian around, I dont even have any cravings for rice, chips, vegan cooked foods, etc.... I am grateful i love this fruit.

Leaving Davao to head to LANUZA 9hour bus ride!! to a beach and surfing location....not sure if they have durian there, but I must move on...I will eat more mangos, marangs, papaya, pineapples, coconuts..

INternet is 20cents an hour here!!!
cheapest in Asia