Monday, October 20, 2008

* "Happiness begins by facing life with a wink and a smile!" - Chinese fortune cookie

Waking up at 5:30am..My 47yr old surfer roomate is Australian mate living in Broome, NW area....great person...has long hair and a long beard (he stopped shaving at age 20, he didnt see any reason for it....Greg gives Astronomy tours, his very own business...75bucks for 2hours under the stars with complicated information delivered in a simple form. I may try the beard thing...more sun protection...why do we shave anyways? is it conformity or is there a real reason?

We are using a small motor boat to access the best waves around the Maldives. The waves here are coral reef point breaks. The size has been small lately but still fun long rides in perfect weather and water and beautiful scenery around...I love watching the 'flying fishes'! The Maldives seems to attract a very rich cliental...tons of expensive resorts everywhere throughout the islands with bungulows on the water. My surfing guide is a budget dude that showed us the only budget way to surf the Maldives. Budgetsurfing. I plan to never use boat tour companies again after this because of the polution they create. I will prefer to find a great wave on a beach and stay there for a while, then move to the next beach.

The Maldive diet is highly Seafood oriented....very little vegetarian options here....But I am creative, so its easy for me..I found eggplant coconut red THai curry, tom yum soup, green papaya salad last night.
In the days I eat many Papayas and Bananas and pineapples and Dates...Mangos are out of season now and there are some available for $1/each!
prices are very high in the Maldives.

surfing 3-4hours day...
eating about 3500 calories per day

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