Monday, October 13, 2008

India FOOD LOVERS Show on National Geographic

I was laying in my hotel room today after my morning bodysurfing session (no boards in India, mental note: bring a damn surfboard next time for the waves!).....I was enjoying a show of Food lovers that travel the world to eat different foods. As I am currently eating a Cooked Vegan meal in the evenings, I was very interested. This show was about Southern INDIA, nearby where I am visiting currently! That is a the life, eh?.....watching tv in my beach front luxury hotel ($8/night), hearing and seeing the waves and nature and birds, seeing people eat all kinds of delicious Indian foods, waiting until I am hungry again so I can immediately go eat some of the foods they are showing on TV.....My mouth began to salivitate after 30minutes, so I had to go find some of the cooked vegan drug food to enjoy and comfort myself.

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