Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maldives last surf with Greg

GREG from AU

Had my last surf session in Male, Maldives this morning. Greg and I went out for another morning session....5 days in a row of waking up before I naturally would like to. I am excited to catch up on my sleep and get back to my 10hours of sleeping routine....I really love to start winding down and sunset and sleep shortly after this and then wake up with the sunrise. Here in Male, Greg and I were enjoying the restaurants in the evenings and crashing later then normal.

Greg has a sweet business www.astrotours.net IF you are in Broome area of AU, check it out..sounds preety cool..two hour class under the stars. You learn alot about our solar system and how it relates to our selves too.

Yesterdays meals:
wake up 5am
Stretch/yoga 5:30-6am
surf 6-8am
breakfast 9-10am
on the beach with Greg, I ate 3lbs of sweet and juicy ripe Papaya followed by 10 delicious ripe bananas.
relax/ sunbath/nap/internet 10-2pm
2-3pm lunch
2lbs of papaya
6 bananas
Surf 4-6pm
dinner 7-8pm
2cups of basmatti white rice
10ounces of coconut potato curry

surfed 4hours fairly active sessions
Heading to Davao City, Philippines tonight! Very excited to eat Durian again after two months without! Wow, I can taste the carmelized, vanilla cheesecake, buttery flavor already. 2-3 days in the city near the durian sellers, then heading to the Beaches for amazing uncrowded surfing.

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