Friday, October 24, 2008

Philippines first impression

JEEPNEYS Everywhere

These are left over American jeeps from WWII. Many of the cities have them here all dressed up as you can see. They are used as public transport. Open air style, carrying about 20passengers, in an intimate type of way. Very cheap and fun. YOu hop in and hop out whenever you wish and pay very little....20cents or so.

I spent the whole day flying from Maldives and having airport Layovers in Malaysia, SRI Lanka. I left the airport in Kuala LUmpur and took a taxi to go on a durian Hunt for 2hours, but we didnt find any. I arrived in Manilla at 4pm and took a taxi for a durian hunt and found some!! we feasted on 3 durian and the taste was excellent. I bought some for his family too. Then I flew to DAVAO City. Took a taxi to the well known Durian area of this city, Magay Park. This Philippino Durian is EXCEPTIONAL...the flavor is very complex and intense and sweet/bitter/ luscious...the price is 50cents per pound! $1/ kilo.......this is cheaper than malaysia, Thailand, and INdonesia for the quality...there is massive quantities of durian available here in Davao City....MASSIVE....selllers all over.....I cant believe this place its amazing....Girls everywhere here in PHilippines (after being in INdia, where the girls are hidden and are considered the lowest of the low, it is refresshing to see female femaninity and 'skin' again). The religion here is dominantly Catholic I believe. The men are very kind and smiling alot... everyone in general seems very accepting of the White tourist and happy to meet you and not overly interested or staring, but definitely polite and interested.

I had some Dental work done today...had to have a filling replaced...very excellent honest dentist....I would HIGHLY recommend him (Dr. Loui Lopez, 227.9330), DMSF Hospital, Medical School Dr., 09062002936)....My teeth have been suffering due to eating more cooked foods, sugars, salts, toxins, etc....... ITs ironic how I need a dentist when I eat cooked foods, but when I eat all raw fruits and veggies my teeth are excellent...Its almost like the whole dental industry is available so I can keep eating cooked foods by protecting my teeth gums and nerves with fillings so the death food can't enter and cause infections...I am grateful for this today, but plan to eat less cooked foods, sugars and salts from this day forward, and enjoy all the fruits and DURIAN.

I had Mangos for breakfast! they are from CEBU island and sent to this area since the season is not around here....they cost 30cents per mango approximately. Everything is Cheaper than other places in Asia here. I went to a huge shopping mall here in DAVAO and bought a hat and a tanktop, i feel pretty sexy in my tank top and funky hat..the materialism is strong in the cities of Asia in general and here in Philippines with all the woman around, I felt I needed to look a little more 'cool', and be cooler in the heat as well (I have been wearing the same 2 shirts for about 1 year now).

I am loving the culture, the fruit available, the people, the prices, the weather is perfect, the 'rickshaws'(bicycle taxis), the general vibe, the availablities of anything you need, the internet cafe speed, the DURIAN, etc....

I plan to enjoy the Durian in this city of Davao for a while then head to surfing beaches...
There is a beach 10minutes boat ride from here, but no surfing....I plan to snorkel there soon....Tons of nature available here near DAvao..Eden Nature park sounds great.

slept 12hours solid after my durian feast last night
have eating 7mangos today 700 calories
(it is 6pm, and I am heading to feast on my 2nd night of Philippino Durian at Magtaysay Park..eating 'Malagkit" bitter sweet durian and "Gold" sweet and bitter and buttery milky flavoured with carmelized butterscotch, chocolaty taste).

Vegan options everywhere in Philippines too.


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