Monday, October 13, 2008

Giving money away in India, would you?

When I am touring around India I always come upon some poor person who is not begging but is doing something like collecting bottles or searchin trash or looking for anything worth money. I would rather not give to people begging because I feel enough people will do this, and many of these beggers are 'owned' by a Pimp type person that keeps most of their earnings....many of them are severely handicapped purposely by their pimps so that we will feel more sorry for them and give them more when we see there legless or Deformed bodies.
I found this lady on the bus with her two kids, I sat next to them and shared my bananas. After we exited the bus I followed them and gave here 500Rupees. She seemed very grateful and sooo suprised (this is enough money for a local person to purchase 100 Meals!!! ONLY $10).....what a natural 'rush' i get to GIVE here randomly.....IF I am feeling selfabsorbed and irritated or lonely or depressed, i find it is because I have forgotten to GIVE money or love or a smile to people....It is win/win to Give...i get happiness and they get happiness too.

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