Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My First Beach in INDIA..."Arambol"

Walking through a village with many tourist shops selling clothes, books, food etc... and many backpackers from all around the world....down the paved road you see the waves and the sand and the miles of scenic views, The Beach!
After hours on a train and time in Delhi before this, the Beach is a breath of fresh is slower paced here of course....locals are very used to seeing "White" people, so they let you be. No hotels on this Hippie style beach, only beach huts, and rooms in homes, and 5room type buildings with high ceilings and wood....only the backpacker type of tourist seems to be at this village called Arambol.
After arriving i found a room which was more challenging then any were I have ever been in Central, South America or Asia....many places were 'full'...found one for 250Rupees($5), 50meters to the beach sand. I went for as sunset Jog and swim and breathed all the fresh air and realized once again I am most happy and complete when staying on a beach atmosphere with my shirt off and barefoot most of the time.
There are about 10 restaurants with chairs and tables in the deep sand. They serve anything you can imagine, due to many years of European, Western people visiting....Indian, Italian, Isrealean, mexican, thai, western food......I had fresh papaya juice, tomato./cucumber salad/ Isrealean hummous.
the next day I found the fruit sellers...I saw some Mangos (ate 3lbs of them, sweet n juicy), Pineapple(sweetest ever had!), papaya, watermelon, coconuts, bananas, plantains, asian kiwi (cinnamin flavor, brown color, blackseeds), tomatos, cucumbers, eggplants.
In the evenings they play movies at the Beach Cafe on a bigger screen...several backpackers relax and watch the movies for free and order some food or drinks....They were playing "Click", with Adam Sandeler one night...they have a pool table here too....most of the people I chatted with had been in INDIA for several months...some even live in INdia 6months of every year...I met a Russian Girl and had dinner with her and chatted...very easy to meet people here as the vibe is very relaxed and safe feeling. This place is like an break from traveling India in a way, no hassles whatsoever, no staring and constant curiousity by Indians..kind of a "recharge" if you will so I can go back out to the real world of India and be a smiling face of contribution.

Excercise today:
Run 30minutes with 'fartleks'
Walk 1hour
yoga/stretching/50handstands 30minutes
swimming 15minutes

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