Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heading to MALDIVES!

AFter a couple weeks in India, I am really craving to be back surfing some good waves. I have a 6month visa here in India, so I can come back here as much as I want in the next 6months. Traveling INdia can be like 'looking in a mirror', many travelors say. This is probably because your comfort zone naturally has to be expanded in this country. I have seen my self be impatient, selfish, egotistical, cranky, frustrated, and irritated here in India. I have also seen myself be gracious, selfless, generous, happy, excited, passionate, thankful, loving, learing, growing, giving, etc...
The good comes with the bad for me here.
It can be intense with soooo many people looking at you all the time and asking questions. I have thought of wearing a all black Islam outfit that the muslims wear (not many muslims here in this predominant Hindu country though)...maybe paint myself brown and wear all long would be cool to not be noticed here in India and get a sense of the culture too.

Maldives supposed to have amazing tropical waves..I booked a one week trip with a surfing guide for 600 US dollars....should be fun!
Then I have a flight booked to PHILIPPINES for the final Durian season in Davao City followed by a surfing/running adventure with a Rawvegan Friend named Stefanie.

todays exercise:
running with local INDians on the beach for about one hour.
Body surfing shoulderhigh close out pounders on the beach of Kovalam, one hour

after exercise I drank Two coconuts and ate the jelly.
30minutes later I had 2lbs of Papaya
30minutes later I had 11 small bananas
Total calories estimation = 900

Last nights cooked vegan dinner:
12ounces of stirfried eggplant in tomato sauce (SPICEY)
12ounces of white rice
2 whole wheat Chappathis (like tortillas)
6ounces of Yellow Dahl soup
3 tomatos
1 cucumber
est. calories = 1200

back in hotel room watching cable tv, listening to the waves..
8 small bananas
8 dates
6 seasamee seed sugar balls
est. calories = 700

I feel emotionally good about my ALL DAY RAW fruits lifestyle coupled with a cooked vegan meal after 6pm at night.
I feel OK physically...nothing like I felt on ALL RAW lifestyle though....WAY more energy on ALL RAW fruits and Veggies....maybe too much energy for me, hehehhe I couldnt sleep through the night sometimes and would wake up wired and ready to exercise....bunch of bs justifications to eat more addictive cooked vegan foods loaded with Salt and spices and sugars to excite my excitotoxins, hehheh

much love,


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

I'm glad I found your blog, my wife and I are vegan runners aho dream of traveling the world also!
God bless and be safe.

Freelea said...

Hey Darrick,

Sounds like you started the day nicely with your exercise and rawfood. Notice how you always have to finish the day with something sweet? Possibly you didn't eat enough sweet juicy fruits through the day, it sounds like you would've burnt quite a few calories doing that hour run and surfing...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures :-)
Hey Marc and Tanya check out my blog and my partners Durianrider (theres a link on my page) we travel around on our bikes eating all raw.