Monday, October 13, 2008

Coconuts, Papaya, Bananas and Mangos

Today I enjoyed 3 coconuts. DRinking the water first then eating the 'jelly' texture coconut inside....20cents each.
bananas are EVERYWHERE here in south India...several types....Red ones, small yellow ones, medium yellow ones, big ones, Plantains.....the best ever....My favorite smaller ones are about the 1/2 the size of a normal sized banana in the states...2cents per banana!
Papaya is about 10cents per pound here....I devoured 2lbs of papaya then 8 bananas for breakfast...

Mangos are average here, since the season is later on (March, April) the ones that are scarcely available are most likely sprayed (how else do they provide mangos out of season?) They dont tast all that delicous....most mangos that I eat in season I find virtually impossible to stop eating until I am full. These mangos I can eat just one or two.

Havent found Durian yet here.,...I here it can be found if you look very hard, but I dont want to leave the beach areas at this time.

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