Thursday, April 8, 2010

Philippines: Davao Durian report.

The Durians are everywhere. I smelled durian when I came out of the plane at Davao city airport. This may be hard to believe, but so true. The philippina girl i sat with was coming to eat durian too.

The Magsaysay Park area has abundance of durians piled at the stalls. i saw about 5 durian sellers on the way to the magsaysay park from airport. I have seen thousands of durians since i landed 20 hours ago. i have feasted on some of the best in the world here today.....out ranking Malaysian even.
ARANCILO was the best so far in deep complex flavor, in a wet creamy format of bliss.

This is only a Semi season for durian (Msrch, April, May) prices are about 75cents/kilo. The Main season is August, September and October (50cents/kilo)
. Durian is available 365 days a year here in Davo, but the seasons have millions around for cheaper.

I am seeing abundance of other fruits: Marang, Jak, pineapples, mangos, papayays, mangosteens, Pomelo, etc...

The feeling here is so wonderful. I love the geniune Philippino people. The durian culture is full on. people all sitting at tables chowing down, or many walk by and stop and stand up while they devour a durian and go on their way.

a group of 4 girls (ratio of girls to boys here is 4 to 1) sat down with me and we chatted over durian. They are in Davao for a conference for teachers. This is what i tell people i do for a living now....TEACH everyone understands what I do, and i can openly share the vegan movement.

The Evergreen hotel is still about $7/night and footsteps away from piles of durian. The staff remembered me...i brought a big PUAT durian for them to immediately tuck into.

Got a haircut and shave today by a local little barber shop....the price is $1...this includes a nice 10minute massage.....i gave him $4, and he was amazed and so appreciative and happy that I am on a major BuZZ for the rest of the day from the experience with such a grateful man and his wonderful service.

If ever you feel down in Philppines, go get a massage or haircut and give a big tip.

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