Tuesday, April 6, 2010

random photos, leaving Bali

AFter 2 months in Bali, I am heading to Philippines again.

Bali seems to have more Vegetarian places now.....i saw a few in Denpasar even.

The durian season is showing signs of a slowdown here.
I can still find heaps of durian on the road over the hill through Bedugul to Singaraja.
Not much durian around Denpasar or other roadside stalls closer to beaches.
Always seem to find durian at the Bali Chain called "Moana Fresh", A fruit and smoothie shop. The durians are called bangkok or Kanibali....they taste like Thailands' Monthong, but are grown in Singaraja, Bali (I visited the farms briefly this time).

Mom and Dad are headn back to USA. ...They stayed one month..may fun times...They put a big candle in the middle of my durian on my birthday and sang to me.....
Dad was eating mostly vegetrarian this trip....he likes the vegetable soups they sell around Bali, ask for 'Cap Cay'.

I feel so excited to have a change and some more uncertainty now, and some new durian flavors.
The durian season in Davao City area of PHilippines is ususally very strong Aug, Sept, OCt, Nove.....so I am excited to see what they still have this time.

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