Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fruitarian lifestyle..

RAW FRUITARIAN feels sooooo amzing!! Yes I get thoughts of cooked emotionally linked comfort foods too, but that is why the road to SUCCESS is UPHILL…keep perservering and eating juicy foods with one ingredient!! Not a list of ingredients that I don’t understand….I have devastated my digestive system growing up as a kid in a somewhat healthy family (Thank you sooo much mom, no HOstess or wonderbread or sugar cereals!) compared to others but still had MSG Cambells soup and Top ramen, Partiallly Hydrogenated oil grahamcrakers, animals, eggs, loads of cow puss Milk, cheese, yogurt…..And then I still rebelled and went to convenience stores for Barbequed Beef burritos, 44 ounce ‘rainbow’ soft drinks, fries, cow burgers, cancer sugar candy GALORE…....
not to mention my Stint in India only 3months ago of massive salt, msg, sugar, etc… with a normal ‘healthy’ to most diet of Indian back yard street foods that tasted so amazing, like Crack probably taste like…….

But being CLEAN, and LEAN and pure and noticing how foods affect me is the best for me and I am the Happiest I have ever been in my life when I am eating the way I am designed to eat…...

I love eating less now..that is my new form of passion…studying people that really are lean and survive of very little food and have tons more energy and vitality than someone of normal weight or over weight or obese (which is only 20% overweight).
I get to be around many men over 70 years old working harder than I ever did, leaner than a Rock too…so many good role models to strive to be like around third worlds….so it is quite possibly easier to practice leaner healthier living here than USA, but than again that may be a mindset anyways.

Surfing lots....30minutes of strengthtraining twice a week.....jogging 20minutes twice a week....yoga for 10minutes twice a week...

most common 'staple foods' for me are Papaya and bananas....I know, I know, I can get those anywhere, but they are sooo damn good here so I eat lots of them...many different tastes of bananas too.


Anonymous said...

I have started the year off eating more fruit and not giving into the hype. My objective is to stay the course and not be hindered. So whenever I get cravings for cooked I eat raw fruit. Thanks for the inspiration.

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

Nice job !!!
Taste ymmy, huh?

Andrew said...

Hey vagabond.

Sometime next year I'd like quit my job, do some extended traveling in asia, and find time for some no-pressure writing and relaxation.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing that you can live cheap in seaside hotels while enjoying some amazing fruit.

I was wondering how much your cost of living is while there.

How much do you spend on hotels, fruit, and other expenses in a week or month? You've traveled a lot, so perhaps it varies across Asia considerably?

Do you visit internet cafes? While I have no desire to bring a lot of baggage, I'm considering bringing a laptop to do my writing. Is it hard to find an internet connection?

Also, I know the rainy season/fruit season come and goes. What's the best time to hit certain countries? Any info appreciated.

Please email me at