Tuesday, December 9, 2008

moving to Sibahay on a Point break!!

moving to a place 8km away from my current location. This new spot is AMAZING!!! $18USA/WEEK!!!.....IT is right on the beach, the waves crash into my steps practically, brilliant sound. I am next to 2 perfect Right point breaks and 1 left short break. I am in the middle of palmtrees, plants, birds, dogs, chickens, nature galore....complete isolation and silence. Fresh air in abundance, beautiful scenery to gaze at all day long. I am alittle scared to be so alone, but it will be good for me. I am next to one other house owned by JEFF, and American that moved here 8years ago, married a fillipina and has a 7year old boy now. Jeff Built a huge home on his dream point break location for $16,000USA. Nice guy to chat with and surf with. He is into environmentalism and realizes VEGAN is the best way to be, but has yet been able to convert.

I have been enjoying the surfing each day and am still in disbelief that I can surf EPIC waves SOLO or with one or two others, which are now my friends anyways....Philippines is a secret surfing dream! For all you surfer buddies of mine, you would be amazed at my lifestyle here.

EAting only fruit for about 2months now....I am not missing cooked food at all...if I really wanted it, I would eat it, but All I want is fruit. Living this close with Nature really makes me eat like a monkey, I guess. I found some green bannanas, that are green on the outside, but still sweet and juicy on the inside.....eating lots of papaya lately...I find trees that have ripe papaya and I ask the owner if I can buy some (20cents/lb). Durian is very near my new place, so that will be nice and convenient. I blended durian with coconut water and it made a very rich milky, creamy shake.

I still get Stares constantly from everyone when walking to and from the market or internet or surf..it is challenging at times for me to be stared at so much...i long for some USA time where nobody looks at you.

I met the local nutritionist here in Lanuza. She said the milk companies are teaching mothers to feed their babies 'formula' milk instead of real human breast milk...this is frustrating for me, and what Can I Do? I can keep spreading the word of the vegan message. Never support dairy companies and their corruption....feeding on the ignorant and trusting 3rd world citizens....caring only about their 'bottom line'. Breast milk is the best for babies even up to 2 or 3years old....formula milk is processed poisen that begans to make cancer inside the body.


Balazs said...


I can only Imagine how good that place may loook like :)
The way you talk about it makes me wonder :)

DG said...

Sounds incredible! This California wetsuit surfing is for the cooked haha :) Should be in SE Asia in a few months woohoo!

Kevin said...

You're living the dream man! Enjoy it. I'm glad to hear that you're doing so well.

Anonymous said...

If you see Jeff again, tell him Colin the limie kneeboarder from lanuza in 2001 says hello