Thursday, November 29, 2007

motorbiking to surfspot, relaxing at beach warungs

The daily trips to the Bali surfspots are interesting on the many motorbikes and scooters on the road, seems like more then cars.
Explored a new spot for surfing today Serangon..i enjoyed seeing a new place....many warungs (little restaurants that sell drinks, fruit, rice, snacks, nasi campur, etc..), are on the beach in Serangon....i chose one to park my motor bike and eat 4 delicious mangos and 1 banana, then went surfing, then returned to relax on their chairs and sunprotected places to lay down and nap for a while and watch the waves and the surfers.
I saw a lady scrubing her pot down on the beach using sand and saltwater and thought about how we have to purchase s.o.s. pads to scour our pans at home in our domesticated inland life....its fun to notice the suttle differences in culture.
Heading to yoga at a place called Desa Seni, here in Bali, near Canguu.

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