Tuesday, November 27, 2007

my first Blog, in Bali currently

Today I awoke at 5:20am and layed in bed as i thought whether to get up and go surfing, or sleep more. The surf is typically less crowded in the early ours and many times the waves are better also....i decided to get up. I stretched and did yoga for 10minutes as I usually do first thing upon arising to loosen up and get limber and awake. I but my surfboard in my scooter rack and off I went to check waves at Cangu, Bali (25minute morning fresh balmy air scooter ride, with less traffic).....i took a wrong turn but it paid off because i found big fresh ripe, sweet papaya slices at a morning market for 1000rupiahs (about 10cents).
After arriving at the beach I ate my papaya and contemplated surfing the waves i was looking at....i got tired and not inspired by what i was seeing, so i layed down on the beach next to a warm wall that blocked the morning air (which was about 75degrees, but i am a wimp lately and have become acclimated....most Balinese wear big coats on their motorbikes event at 85degrees, I can see that happening to me too).
After a 1.5hour drooling beach nap, I woke ready to surf....i was sweating by then and ready to get refreshed in the 82degree clear, blue water...so away I went.
Lunch was at Bali Budha, a very eco friendly hip place in Cangu area...i got a huge organic salad, 20dates, 4mangos, 7small tomatos and had a fiest..then at two small bananas...this will hold me over for 5hours....
I got my hair buzzed off today, a crewcut!! feels great and fresh ($1).
looking forward to an nice evening sunset surfsession, followed by another amazing vegan restaurant i love, called "Earth Cafe".
I am working on getting some tshirts printed here that say 'FRIEND NOT FOOD', and have a pig on them.....i plan to sell them at a Health festival here in Bali on DEC. 15th.....The cost per shirt is about $5.50US, so I plan to sell for $8.50US, to make a little, but mostly to keep them very affordable...i want to see everyone who believes in this phrase wearing these shirts around the world!

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vagabondingvegan said...

Testing the comment section....wow Darrick that sounds like fun day. How can i help you sell your wonderful t-shirts online to the whole world?