Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bali, countryside locals

Wow, I must remember this feeling of gratitude I am presently feeling. I believe I must attribute this to the interaction I just had with a balinese family. After my surf session today I was looking for some coconuts to drink and mangos to eat. I saw a roadside fruit stand as I was cruising along the country road back from Canguu. They had a few coconuts displayed by the road so I stopped. I sat at their concrete table next to the road and the fruit stand and told the lady i would like one coconut. She opened it for me and I drank some and started peeling a 2.2lb bag of mangos to enjoy. Her husband (Maday) and here (Normall) sat next to me as I drank and ate mangos....I shared some and they shared some other fruit with me. Other Balinese people came to buy fruit drinks from her...the most common one i saw sold is avocado, ice, and Miel ( a form of milky sugar).....anyways it was nice helping them practice english and answer the common questions I am asked constantly: Where are you from? How long you here in Bali? where do you stay? what work do you do in the USA? How much money do you earn?....I believe I am extra grateful also because this family charged me a very fair price for my coconut and 2.2lbs of Mangos....($1.00) or (9000 rupias)..this was very refreshing because most of the time I get charged a little more because I a am a freaking White Boy, and I have been letting that irritate the heck out of me.....
I love feeling great and I hope I made these people feel great by sharing some time with them....i plan to do my mango eating there as much as possible when I am surfing in Canguu area.
I noticed that there are many many many places to buy fruit, rice, veges, drinks, etc...they all virtually sell the exact same thing, but its more about the people that are selling....if the people are nice and I feel great with them and they are genuine and honest, then I prefer to be a repeat customer (as much as i love to have variety and try new places, it feels wonderful to support one family for most of my purchasing)....
i must say, the Balinese are very family oriented and have an amazingly trusting culture.....the Hindu religion is soooo prominant here that I see ceremonies going on every day every where i look....i think this emmersion of religion in a culture keeps people more honest..crime is very very low here, different feeling then Central America.
I went out to eat dinner with two local Indonesian girls, they were very fun to chat with, both speak english well, they took me to a hip local joint...only friends though as they have boyfriends....i met them at the Lombok Triatholon i did nov/07..Delphi and Ratna.

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