Monday, December 24, 2007

Bali, xmas eve day events

It felt like another normal wonderful day here in Bali Rained all day long though, that was the first long rain i experienced here..the rainy season has is still fairly warm though, so you can go without a shirt and be OK if you want....I have been sleeping wonderfully lately since i got rid of my wrist watch, i decided to try living my life without know the time constantly, now I am sleeping more soundly and I only get out of bed when i cant possibly sleep anymore, this is usually after about 10hours of sleep..I use the Natural Hygienic approach of rolling over if still able to sleep, or rolling out of bed if I have had I didnt participate in any excercise and I layed in bed for 3-4 hours awake reading my books and listening to the rain and having a lazy Xmas Eve day....Since I have got rid of my watch, I also have enjoyed going on my morning runs, swims, yogas, workouts, or surfs without wondering the amount of time that is passing, I just go by feel. I also like to listen to my stomach about when it is time to eat instead of looking at the clock, this is more how the Indonesians eat too (maybe a contributing factor to their overall slenderness)...In America it seems we tend to eat by the clock and we tend to be more overweight as well. I am sooooo amazingly fortunate to live a life without needing to know the time of day.

I met a nice French guy today while eating two huge fruit salad and two mango/papaya smoothies...He is an actor that lives in Paris, he is here hiking volcanoes in Bali...I plan to see him in France when I go travel that country with my sister Shonda in the next couple years.

Today, I had a dinner date with a new girl friend from Holland named, I did need to cheat and ask people what time it was a few times to be sure I was on time at 7pm. I took her to Aroma's Cafe in Legian, an exotic vegetarian restaurant. We had Salad, then Bean, tomato, lettuce, salsa, and avocado tacos on stone ground organic shells, and some vegetable Indian Samosas too. Nice to share xmas eve with a pretty, interesting lady!...
then I went walking all around Kuta and Legian Beach to be around people and feel some xmas eve spirit. I went to Hard Rock Cafe/hotel to possibly meet an Indonesian girlfriend named Delfi, but I didn't see her there. There was a band playing some xmas music so I watched for a while...then I ate some Dark Chocolate and some baked Crackers with MSG (lots of products here in Indonesia have MSG in the ingredients..i believe this is very bad stuff, I must research it on the net and stop eating it).
I then went walking around some more and watched a few more bands and there were many many tourists out and about tonight, mainly Indonesians that are not celebrating xmas, but are on their end of the year was nice and windy tonight with a perfect temperature and occasional light rain, and the ocean was very loud and windy...
then i went by an Indian Restaurant and got one Poppadom to go (crunchy spicy bread), then I walked by some dance clubs and went inside some to watch a drum circle for a while, many people from all over the world (UK, AU, Indonesia, Sweden, Holland, France USA, Japan) getting wasted and dancing...I ate some popcorn...then I walked around some more and found a place to eat some home style french fries with catchup and mustard and spicy sauce....i chatted with a guy from Texas who lives here and gets paid disability from the American Military, he has an Indo girlfriend now and exports Gemstones to the USA
...then I went to another place to feel a different vibe and have a blended Banana juice and eat some more of my dark chocolate i was carrying around...its been a lazy day of reading, resting, walking around people watching, experiencing different environments and establishments, meeting different people and eating a variety of foods I have been craving lately.....having a different xmas eve then most others which have been amongst my loving family...maybe i was looking to replace the family love with food..oh know that would be 'emotionally eating', could it be true? hehehhehehhe

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