Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bali, "Friend Not Food", Conscious event, DC pictures

While eating at this wonderful "Earth Cafe" in Seminyak, Bali a couple weeks ago, I met the owner, Leat. Leat liked the shirt I was said "Friend Not Food" and has a picture of a Pink Pig on it. She told me about an event she was having in a couple weeks and asked me if I sell these tshirts...this planted the seed in my mind and I decided to start printing these tshirts here in Bali...I found a contact to help me named Mai.
Mai is a Japanese Expatriate that lives here and exports things to Japan....she was sooo wonderful...Today I had my first 100 t-shirts completed and forsale at this wonderful Vegetarian 'Earth Cafe' event!! Everyone loves the tshirts, I sold some.....I want to export to the USA soon....anybody have any Agents in California or Oregon to help receive shipments please let me know....looking for ideas.....My cost is $5/tshirt here and I will need to pay several fees to get them to USA, but I should have plenty of room for profit if I sell them for $20-$30 at vegan stores and vegetarian events and The Raw Spirit festival in Sedona next year...what a dream to be working on something I am soooo passionate about and make some money too!! I used to do business just to make money, now I must Love and believe in what I do first, and the money will follow..exciting...wish me luck.

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