Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bali, Durian stories and pic

This is a new friend Josh, and expatriate from Australia, he has been living here 2 years and works with cleansing and fasting retreats...the other guy is Sagge, he is from Brasil living here....he tried Durian with Josh and I, his first time..he liked it...Josh and I are HOOKED on it though..hehheh

I took another durian adventure I road my motor bike up to Central Bali towards Bedugal again to gorge on durians and bring some back to me place near the beach in Legian. Apparently Durian season is late January here and it will be available more close to me, although a one hour motorbike ride in Bali can be pretty fun, adventurous, educational, and exciting. I stopped and bought a rain pancho this time and luckily i did, because it started pouring 5minutes later..(rain poncho $5)....i found my favorite durian seller...Maday..she seems very fair..i checked the prices at the other roadside sellers to get an idea of the current market, since it isnt season it is more money....I arrived with a smile and Maday smiled also...she began picking the best durians out for me and I sat on their big sitting bench under the shelter and began to sample what she brought me....I did wait 15minutes before this to look around at her fruit and eat a 6 or 7 mangosteens, a delicious fruit with deep red or purple outside and white sections inside, juicy and sweet, known as Queen of fruit. This process of delaying my durian intake is rather exciting for me as I am anticipating my gorging of durian...( it really feels similar to a kid awaiting to open his first xmas present)...very few westerners will have this same love for durian...I believe I do because of eating a vegan diet for about 4 years and mainly fruit the last year, so I am preferential to durian more than is soo delicious to me!!! here is a description from
"Imagine the best, most delicious, and sensuous banana pudding you can imagine, add just a touch of butterscotch, vanilla, peach, pineapple, strawberry, and almond flavors, and a surprising twist of — garlic??!! Like many of life’s greatest experiences, eating durian cannot be adequately described with words. Durian has a characteristic delicious flavor, creamy texture, and tantalizing fragrance that is just... durian! — the king of fruits, Nature’s most magnificent fruit gift."
Anyways so I ate more than my share of this amazing fruit...and experienced differnt flavors.....KANI BALI, was the best to me.....I paid about $33 dollars and this covered about 10 durians the size of a common canteloupe.....I ate about 3 or 4 there in one hour...i was full like i used to be on Thanksgiving day eating the Standard T-day menu...... The next day I was craving the durian again, I waited until pre dinner time and ate one I am back to eating more relistic amounts each day...about One durian...this gives me room in my tummy for other fruits I love and I still eat a vegan cooked dinnertime most of the time: Indonesia food, Thai food, Indian food, other varieties, or rice, or pasta, with big salad.....The salty spicy flavors in the cooked vegan food I eat are more addicting to me then durian, otherwise I would only eat fruit and durian every day all day....I plan to someday transition to this form of eating: fruitarian, as I feel best and believe it is better for me...but for now I must forgive myself and enjoy my cooked food addiction while It lasts...ehehhehe.
I must say, I love the smell of durian also now....when I come back to my room, I smell the smell and it is stronger then ever, as my ripening durians are getting more mouth starts fact one time I awoke at 3am in the morning and started eating some durian half asleep without being hungry at all..that can me dangerous.

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