Monday, December 3, 2007

Bali- Pacung and Bedagul, Hunt for Durian

I expanded my comfort zone by heading to Central Bali on my motorbike in search for Durian. As it is not durian season everywhere here until February, One has to take extra measures to indulge in massive quantities of the God of all fruit. I had been paying a local Balinese guy to drive one hour ($10) and get me durian the last few times, but i decided to go explore some other areas in Bali away from the coastline and find durian was a fun ride through beautiful scenic roads with many rice fields and green lushness to view on the way. I saw my first durian roadside seller and pulled over as the rain had been coming down very hard and I was soaked and cold...i took shelter under the makeshift fruit stand and the accomodating, witty, some english speaking lady there named Madee, started opening some durians for me, the smell was strong and I began salivatating...i devoured about 2000 calories worth of fresh, ripe, sweet, creamy, custardy, smooth Durian in that next hour of Bliss....i met another local Balinese couple there eating it felt like a we were all participating in a recreation druguse circle, we were so into our durian and the overwhelming flavors.

I ventured up to Bedagul and found a place to stay for about $9/night with hot water..i took my first hot shower in Asia..i was very chilled from the long rainy motorbike trip....
The next Day I hiked a volcano that was about 6000ft in elevation....3hour up and back trip, very the top there was a hindu temple and people had left things for the, coconuts, etc... i drank a few coconuts and felt ok about it.
When i came backdown i stopped at a little roadside stand for water....lots of flys there landing on my legs, it didnt bother me at all....i thought how one fly might tickle and/or irritate me, but 20flys on my legs felt fine, no big deal...and the Balinese lady looked like she experienced this constantly with no i went to the fruit market..masssive quantities of delicious ones too......they had grapes and strawberries here too, rambatons, salak, mangos, papaya, etc....i ate and ate....
then i notice two busloads of 17year old girls on tour there from Jawa...they saw me and all came over to get photos with me one by one....this took about one hour, but i felt honored....i did get hungry so i was eating some mangos during some of the photo shoots, also to inspire them to eat more fruit..
I headed back to Legian and stopped for more durian....i ate another 1500 of durian calories and brought some back to legian too...i spent about $20 for 10kilos.
My friend Jim showed up to stay in Bali for one week....we are friends from Tony Robbins, Platnum partners last was fun to hang out with him tonight and catch up...he was staying in Bangkok for the last month, but is living in Colorado......i showed him were to buy the best $1.50 fruit plate on the beach (in front of Legian Beach hotel from a lady named Dayou and her sister is Dayou also....9-6everyday), he loved the mangos the best.....he tried durian and liked it also.

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