Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bali-"Helmuts For Kids", I give 2 kids new helmuts today!, DONATION ADDRESS HERE......

This is a wonderful family I stopped on the rode today to provide helmuts. As you can see the kids are on the motorbikes without helmuts. Apparently it is legal for kids to be on motorbikes without helmuts, so parents don't bother purchasing them due to the cost (about $7). After learning this, I started thinking that maybe I could help.
I went to the helmut store and bought some helmuts and had an english speaking Indonesian help me by standing near the busy road to flag down families on motorbikes. He would explain to them that I have some free helmuts for their kids. Then we would take a before and after picture (see next post for photo of kids now wearing the helmuts).
If anybody who reads this has interest in helping to possibly save a kids life should they get in a bike accident (apparently many bike accidents here, because so much traffic), the holiday season is here, great time to be generous!
please send your donations to:
Darrick Cook
4110 se Hawthorne blvd #637
Portland, Oregon 97214
(make checks payable to Darrick Cook)
Choose any of the following options:
$15-provides 2 kids with a helmut
$30-provides 4 kids with a helmut
$45-provides 6 kids with a helmut
$60-provides 8 kids with a helmut
$75-provides 10 kids with a helmut
$90-provides 12 kids with a helmut
I negotiated discounts for larger purchases:
$200-provides 40 kids with helmuts!
$300-provides 60 kids with helmuts!!
$400-provides 80 kids with helmuts!!!
$500-provides 100kids with helmuts!!!!
You may do a one time donation OR you may also set up an automatic payment system to donate monthly using your free online bill pay or using .
Please send your check on the 1rst of everymonth, so I can anticipate helmut purchases and be ready.
Also, It may be a great time of year to give some taxdeductible donations!
See next post for after pictures and more family pictures.....
Feel free to comment on this blog and let me know your check is in the mail, otherwise I will have my sister checking the mail box occasionally...she will then deposit the funds in my account, so I can withdraw them here in Bali with my ATM Card and go on my Helmut shopping sprees!!!
Anybody can come join me anytime!!

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the word is 'helmet'