Tuesday, January 20, 2009

better to be BIG or slim?

I have been practicing fruitarian eating for 3 solid months now.

I am practicing eating enough food as opposed to more than enough food. My mind is becoming very tuned into what my body really needs for fuel.
I am slimer and leaner than ever and feel my lightest and best.
I compare myself to other men around the Philippines and most the men that look the best to me have sunken checks and prominent jawbones and are about 3% body fat, many are working very hard all day on little food at 30-80 years old.
When my body normalizes, I will be lean and strong.
The shock this will cause most of the USA is probably very high.

It is AMAZING how little fruit I need to thrive and survive. My intake has been decreasing daily, I do allow myself to eat whatever I want and as much as I want, so that I have no Rebellious issues to binge anymore....I want to feel great all the time and I am noticing that I do feel the best eating less.
I am fortunate as ever to have made the time to truly experience the ups and downs of 'Natural Hygiene' and continue practicing this for the rest of my life...WOW!!! I got chills for how I have designed my dream life.

When I was 18-25 years old I was in my Bigger is Better phase of life. I would train in gym with weights 6days a week for 2-3 hours a day. I would drink one gallon of Cows MILK, eat a few pounds of chicken and red meat and fish, eat eggs by halfdozen, drink weight gainer protein powders. I would eat when i felt a 'hint' of empty stomach (actually 3hours away from being hungry yet) until Overfull and hurting most of the time. It was my mission to get BIG.
HOw did society react to this? happy for me, positive, encouraging me to gain and be big, accepting my stuffing my face with Death food. My mom even helped me calculate how much more I need to eat to gain a certain amount of weight, bless her heart! I remember sitting with you MOM at a little restarant in East Albany, you brought your calorie info from your weightwatcher diet and we had fun together.

My POINT is that there is no support to be lean/slim/skinny in our country. It worries people. Or does it? Are most people just jealous? OR is it creating true worry? Why do we in the USA think that we know what is best for the world? By traveling the world only 2years, I believe I have seen what is a far superior way to live regarding healthy physiques and energy.....if I can help these healthy looking people eat no meat and dairy that will be awesome!!

yesterday my meals were the following:

7am- wake up
10am-eat one pineapple(about 250cals)
2pm- eat one papaya (about 700cals 2.5lbs)
6pm-eat 12bananas (about 700cals, smaller ones)
9:30pm-eat 4 small bananas ( 200cals, emotional binge session before bed)

2mile walk


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Hi Darrick,

I did a fruit diet this summer combined with greens (80-10-10) and felt the best I've felt in my life. Not sure why I went back to cooked food.
You've inspired me again though, so thanks!

Nice to meet another vegan vaganbond ;)

Anonymous said...

look at this:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8UtPPmQazT8&NR=1

by the way I totally agree with your desire and concept of simplifying diet and reaching a new level of being lean and strong.
"less is more" isnt it?

you rock!

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

nice steph!
i added that to my playlist 3.