Friday, January 16, 2009

making little boy cry in Bohol

I was out for a jog on the beach. It was a tropical windstorm, very high winds blowing things around the beach. Massive amounts of seaweed and garbage and coconuts had accumulated on the hard sand. I saw two children picking through the junk that had been carried to shore. I wanted to help them in some way without them knowing. When they know a westerner gives them some money or something (if it is fruit, I dont care), they probably will began begging from westerners. My idea was to pretend I found money nearby where they were searching for things of value. I got my money in my hands all crinkled up and was about to place it stratigically near where they where looking. All of a sudden they saw me and started running away. This was very odd for me to see, as most kids are wanting to be near me and ask me questions and giggle and laugh. I decided to continue my jog and follow them. The girl (9) and the boy (6) started going faster and keeping an eye on me, then they split in two directions, I followed the easier 'prey'. The boy headed towards the water and I kept chasing him wondering how he got so damn fast at 6years old. Finally the water level was too high for his short legs and he fell face first in the water. I came up to him and he was crying in fear. I grabed his arm and placed a wad of money in his hand (one day's income for an adult $3). The boy looked at the money, stopped crying, looked at me in suprise and astonishment. I just said byebye and turned and jogged away. He ran towards his sister to share the news and was yelling her name....this was fun.
Question: Should I continue to chase kids until they cry, then suprise them with money? hhehhehehe

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Balazs said...

Man! You change the world to the better!
keep up!