Saturday, January 3, 2009

family vegan challenge anyone?

I sent the following to my family. Sister and brotherinlaw household, brother and sisterinlaw household and mom/dad household.
I am very excited that one household was interested! Missy and Justin are going for the vegetarian times ahead...
I also gave them a bonus option if they each lose 10%weight in January, they will get a $1000 bonus each!

What are your thoughts blog readers...any more takers? just curious

Carl if you are reading this and you and Becky want to do one I will sponser you!

For the month of January participate in one of the following three options.....

1. $500 per household-------Vegetarian (avoiding land and ocean creatures, avoiding eggs).
2. $1000 per household------- Vegan (avoiding land and ocean creatures, avoiding eggs, avoiding dairy products)
3. $1500 per household--------Raw Vegan (avoiding land and ocean creatures, avoiding eggs, avoiding dairy products, avoiding cooked food)

With Annie and Patricks participation ADD $300 to your choice!!

BONUS opportunities (extra credit)-
$250!--If you lose 10% bodyweight in January you recieve $250 Bonus (forexample: if you weigh 150lbs now but lose 15lbs during January).
$75- attend a vegetarian potluck in Portland area.
$100!-- attend a vegan potluck in Portland area.
$125!-- attend a raw-vegan potluck in your area
$50!-- make vegan treats for your childrens class and teacher

warning: These days there are many overweight vegans!! Even though the chance of cancers and heart diseases and many other illnesses decrease, weight may not. With all the amazing Veggie replacements for a standard american diet (SAD) and all the new processed foods available (like the ones i sent you for xmas), it is possible to not lose weight.
Keep in Mind to lose weight on these diets one must eat enough, but not more than enough each meal.. ..reminder Eat many raw fruits and veggies each meal to help fill you up prior to eating your favorite dishes (as our moms taught us)

-Before Janary 2, Donate all groceries not acceptable to your above choice to your local church or goodwill.

-moved your body 20minutes per day, 5 days per week. (walking even counts)

-Watched all of the following 4 DVDS by Jan 15th:
Earthlings (justin has or maybe in RV), I Am Animal (peta film I sent for xmas), Other veggie related film I sent for xmas, Vegan lady (about how to shop veggie, shonda has this)

-read one of the following books by Jan 25th:
The China Study, Becoming Vegan, raising kids in a non vegan world (Shonda has), Vegan related book of your choice (check dads shelf or public library)

--each household prepares one vegan meal for the others within the Month of January.
Many ideas online (google your favorite dinner meal with vegan and you'll likely get a recipe). Here is a website I found Shonda has many cookbooks and Raw books too.

--This is an HONOR program type Game, and each person is allowed 3 mistakes throughout the month (eating something that doesn't meet your chosen option above.)

----All families meet at Nearly Normals for a FREE meal from the VEGAN menu by Jan 10th....everyone brings with them the name of their most admired vegan person (celebrity, author, teacher, famous person.....For example see list...

Hope this sounds fun enough to participate....if not, no worries.

please respond with any feedback or suggestions, as this was a "fly by my seat of my pants" idea.

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