Wednesday, January 21, 2009

picture: me in Internet cafe, Camiguin

I have been spending lots of time on internet this week, about 3or4 hours day!! I love to read about fruitarians and watch youtube vids on vegans and reasons to be vegans. I have created some great /playlists' to share with family and friends. My friend Chris and maybe his wife Shelly are going to watch many dvds on veganism for one month, I will pay them each $25 for each they watch, 20 maximum. HI Chris!! you seee my first playlist? HI Sis and mIssy and Justin!! they are my family and r watching vegan dvds also...I will get to payout some serious cash this month and will love that feeling of helping out and contributing to the vegan movement. I really love to read Missy and Justins Critiques on the dvds. I feel really good learning what they have learned. I have not seen many dvds myself yet, so it is fun to get their perspectives and watch them practice superior healthy living!

Off to a Soda springs today or waterfall to enjoy the cooler water and shaded environment. I enjoyed a hotsprings yesterday...met some American Expats. I am hanging out with a local Philippino girl occasionally..just friends now, no kisses yet (I dont think I can kiss a meat eater ever, the thought disgusts me)...She is interested in Veganism though.


stef said...

Isn't fantastic what you are doing, oh my god, darrick you are really an inspiration! You will paying people to watch DVDs??? This is beyond generosity, this a bliss from the Universe.
I hope that in my 8 months traveling I will be doing similar and be able to inspire people as much as You are doing. In these 2 years traveling not only you have found your balance but also your purpose in life. This is what happens to people like you who have the bravery to look into the mirror and tell themselves the truth. Your truth was you wanted more than your standard American life with Standard American diet and standard "standards" of happiness, you saw inside yourself and found that desire to thrive for the best and accept nothing less than the best. And more. You are really rich inside and outside. People should stop hurrying around for pointless reasons and observe more individuals like you from whom the lesson is beyond human values.
Darrick, thanks for this, you really are a new role model for all us.
you rock!
stef :)

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

this was heartwarming to read...i thank you for this compliment to me!! more fuel for my rock too!!