Sunday, January 18, 2009

wandering around Camiguin island

I really enjoy wandering in the mornings after some bodymovement. Today I did a little jog for 20minute on the beach, then sat in the sun and practice quieting my racing mind, then swam 20minutes. Then I checked out of my resort ($14/night splurge). I started wandering on the main street here. I had my backpack and my fruit bag. It was wonderful to see all the green and lushness that this island provides. Many fruit trees. Most abundant are Papayas and coconuts. I had my eyes up looking for new fruits to forage. I havent had many mangos from the trees here as the season is usally april/may. I found a few trees that had some mangos under them, I collected about 15 of the best ones and had a nice little roadside feast! Then I found a large 'backyard' papaya for sale on roadside for 40cents from the owner, I added that to my fruit bag which already had some super ripe 'lakatan' variety bananas (amazing flavor!! fruity flavored banana!)...the 'Tondan' variety is soo nice also.
Made my way to the ARDENT hot springs. This was sooo nice on a slightly cool day. Me being very slim and lean, I feel cool under 75degrees now, which I love because I never sweat in the tropics anymore unless I push myself to.

IN The wonderful hot springs, some Philippinos were chatting with me and were interested in the vegan message. One lady committed to practicing one week vegan to reduce her fat. 4 Frenchee were there from Normandy. One couple from Austria...all adventure type travelors. I shared my big Papaya with many of them. It appeared the French people didnt know what it was after being in PapayaLand for one month! I guess they enjoy the cooked animals much more.
One French man has a small business selling chicken sandwiches with french fries on them. Knowing I was vegan, He said "it wouldnt be good for you to eat because its not healthy". I couldn't resist and said, "it isn't good for ANYONE to eat, not just me..unless you want cancer, heart disease, obesity."
But I must always remind others, that I used to eat all that animal food and didn't think twice about it due to Years of advertising conditioning and living in a society that rarely questions beliefs that have been around for 10plus years.
Most of the people I talk to around SE ASIA dont have any idea that eating animals and dairy may be less healthy than vegetarian.

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Cuppa Jo said...

Sounds yummy. Being in a warm clime would help to eat more raw foods. Right now it's so cold but I keep on trying.