Friday, January 16, 2009

street boys in CEBU, fighting over 2cents worth of water

These boys that hang outside the fried chicken eaterie ask for money all day long. completedly filthy in dirt all over their skin, ages 5-12 approx. They are always saying 'give me money' and touching people on their arms with little soft annoying touches. I believe that the touches are designed to irritate people enough to comply. I have made a decision not to give to Beggars because I feel enough other people will. I prefer to give to the unexpected poor, the ones that are searching for things of value, or doing something. So I just sit and chat with these boys and give them some of my time. This time I was getting water bottle refilled for 2cents, I noticed they wanted water. I thought, wow, these kids are not just wanting money to go buy candy, they are at a survival level. I put 2cents in the water machine and one boy started filling his litte plactic bag with water. The other 5 boys started shoving and pushing and grabbing trying to get some of this water. They ended up piercing the plastic bag wasting the water. That one boy started crying and walked away. I chased him down and gave hime enough money to buy a large plate of food (45cents). I made a point for the other kids to see this and teach them a lesson to not break others water bags again, ehehheh.....the one boy took the money and started running for through traffic because he knew the other boys would chase him and try to take the money, which they did! all the boys were chasing him, dodging traffic. I hope he got a way, but its unlikely. I guess this is an example of were "Survival of the Fittest" will prevail....I better go get more fit today just in case.

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hahaha :)
good point of view