Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HIking volcano, feeling light and lean as ever..

I Hiked a steep volcano....about 3500 feet straight up..crawling the last hour. total up time approx 2hrs 45 min, total down time approx 1hr 30min. breathtaking views. very strenuous. had a great guide by the name of LOUIE here in Camiguin.

I am leaner and lighter than ever before in my life. I have been 217lbs of fat and muscle before, and now I am around 140lbs of ripped vitality, I have experienced both ways of living, this is by far superior. It is challenging to get to this level, but more simple to maintain. I have experienced many ways of eating in the last 6years, SAD(standard american death diet), Vegetarian, Vegan, Rawvegan with some cooked vegan, All RAw vegan, Fruitarian with some raw vegan, and now All fruitarian for 3months. I am practicing fruitarian lifestyle now and loving it. I am allowed to eat anything I want if I choose, so I am not feeling that restrictive rebellious feeling and then Binging on the bad stuff (I draw the line with Vegan due to animal rights).
I believe if we train our mindset to be 'practicing' certain ways of eating (not requiring), we dont feel that scarcity mindset. I believe we should have all the foods that tempt us available at all times and know we can eat them if we choose (no restrictions!), but focus on how we feel mentally, physically, emotionally afterwards.
I am now eating less durian than before because I feel much better in the nights and the next day. My secret is to eat half as much durian as I used to, then follow it with enough delicious bananas to satiate me. It is amazing the results. IT is challenging at times to switch to bananas when the durian is sooo perfect, but the payoff is huge....but I dont have to do this, I can go back to full on bloated over full durian eating and be MILES ahead of 98% of the worlds eating habbits, so no pressure.....that is key for me as a 'rebellious' person..i must not ever tell myself NO. (even yesterday I told myself I was going to check out of my guesthouse after 10days and go somewhere new, well guess what?? I totally REBELLED and stayed just because I said I had to, ehehhehheheh...)any body have that rebellious nature??

enjoying coconut waters
and native mangos that make juice run down your elbows

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