Sunday, January 11, 2009

said goodbye to Mr. Green for a week or so..

I have decided to travel around The Philippines a bit, since I cant surf now for couple more weeks. My focus is to distribute Vegan info to fast food joints, purchase a hammock with mosquito net, purchase some english books, purchase some dvds, meet some Philippino girls to date, see new beatiful beaches, some treking, eat different tropical fruits...there I go again making myself busy, ehheheh the American way! get busy!

Mr. Green was obviously very aware I was leaving, as he was squealing like a little pig, hehhehhe several Philippinos were watching the departure in amzment it seemed. After I fed him some bananas I left...he was running around letting the rope choke him and squealing...I wanted to cry for what this situation really represents on a larger global scale. This is after only 2 days of hangin out together, and I only am petting him about 30minutes each day, but the rest of the time I was around were he could see me and watch me..and I fed him. The sadness he displays is probably more driven by the food attatchment he has for me, but who knows.

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