Saturday, January 3, 2009

lots of time

one week of no surfboard hit my backside rib and the pain was intense...I had to sleep sitting up in a chair for 4nights!!! I am on the 2nd night of sleeping in a real cushioned bed (3mattresses). I am sooooo grateful to be able to lie down in bed normally now....WOW, the things I take for granted when I am well and healthy, like being able to sleep in a bed as opposed to a chair. I actually love this part of being injuried, it humbles me bigtime.
I have hurt ribs before and they take about one month to heal properly. I can walk and stretch and do some light yoga now, but have been resting mainly. It is REMARKABLE how fast I heal on a nutritious frutarian lifestyle. All the energy that is normally used to digest difficult foods is used to heal my injury. Digesting fruits and coconut waters are soooooo easy on our bodies.

Many hours alone at my place on the water. Soo much time on my hands... I have never tried to speed up time in my life, but now I find myself doing things to pass some time. What a fortunate situation to be in. I used to always want to stop the clock, but now my life is so minimal and sooo full of time. Time flies by when I am helping somebody practice being healthier, when I am sharing fruit, when I am eating fruit, when I am surfing, when I am on the internet, when I am reading a good book, and if I was with my life partner (not yet).

The tropical storm season is here. lots of rain and wind. Sunshine today though. My lifestyle is so flexible that whenever the sun comes out, I have time to soak it up and get my Vitamin D.

Met another Expat in this area....Robert...he is canadian and has been here in the Philippines for 3years...he believes this place is the best in the world...the people are exceptional easy going personalities with dignity. I have to agree so far.

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The only rich people in the world are the ones who have the privilege of time.