Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MY pet pig in Philippines, 'Mr. Green'

I decided to rescue a little pig. Most of the pigs are raised for slaughter here in Philippines. I decided to show people how sweet and wonderful these animals are. My little pig is a coupl months old. I named him Mr. Green because he loves the green colored bananas..he even eats the peel. He is a fruitarian of course. I tied him up to my beach front porch so he can see the waves. I cant believe how smart the little devil is!! I have watched him untangle his legs from the rope already several times.
Mr. Green is warming up to me sooo fast...he lets me rub his belly and ears and almost doses off when I do this. I feed him by hand mostly. He wines when I walk away sometimes.
I plan to raise him for a couple weeks then give him to a nearby family to continue raising (and probably slaughter him when I leave).
I hope to walk him through the village with one of my custom "FRIEND NOT FOOD" tshirts. One neighbor boy came over today and watched how I treat this animal which is considered food to most thing I new the boy was petting my pigs belly and so I gave him a banana to feed it.

The pigs sell for $25 here.

It is soo fun seeeing what sort of fruits my pig enjoys. I squat by him as I eat my meals and share with him (healthiest fed pig in Philippines).

I used to eat tons of bacon, sausage growing up as a kid even though we had nice pig ceramics and pictures in our 'pig themed' bathroom my mom created. I just never made the connection back then, living in the city.
...I believe living soo close to nature is really opening my consciousness up more than ever.

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Drew said...

D - you are to funny, reading this post about Mr. Green has me laughing out loud. You said you tied him up so he could watch waves but said you watched him untangle his legs....what did you hog tie the little guy by his feet?

Glad to see you are doing well, you should post a pic of Mr. Green.